We were acting in the interest of the sector

Our members believe that digital assets are at the heart of a paradigm shift towards a free and open economy. It is by federating the companies in the sector, and all the players involved, that Adan promotes the development of digital assets and future European champions.

Create discussions

Fostering the development of the sector and removing bottlenecks
  • Proactively raise important industry issues with relevant authorities
  • Assist the private sector and public authorities in their understanding of these technologies
  • Participate in existing working groups
  • Joint actions with other representative associations
  • Being present at the main French and European conferences

Facilitating discussions

Exploring synergies between actors through a support programme
  • Manage a space for members to exchange advice and best practices
  • Organize meetings for members.
  • Issue a newsletter to keep abreast of developments and the activities of the association.
  • Initiate sponsorships between members.
  • Provide a directory of blockchain and digital asset industry players as well as relevant service providers (lawyers, banks, consulting firms, etc.).


Depending on the nature of your activity and the geographical location of your company, the Adan has two families of members.

Active Members Associate Members
Companies established in France whose main activity is in the digital assets and blockchain sector All other companies, in France and abroad
Voting rights at the general meeting Consultative vote
Access to discussion forums
Access the internal documentation of the association
Proposal of topics and actions to the Board of Directors
Participation in the preparation of resolutions in working groups
Invitation to the annual conference
Preferential rate at the annual conference
Information as members on the association's website (optional)
Election of the members of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer
Contribution to the drafting of communication documents and position papers By invitation
Invitation to meetings and dinners By invitation

Annual contributions

Employees Funds raised Turnover Balance sheet total Contributions
< 10 < 500 k € < 1m € < 1m € 3 500 €
10 to 50 500 k to 5 m € 1 to 10 m € 1 to 10 m € 7 000 €
> 50 > 5 m € > 10 m € > 10 m € 14 000 €
Publicly traded companies 21 000 €
Startups: Less than 3 years in business and not more than 20% owned by a company that does not meet the criteria.
< 10 < 500k € - - 1 000 €
  • Institutions and associations: dues established on a case-by-case basis according to needs and contributory capacities.
  • Possible sponsorship contracts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Possibility to join on a pro rata basis for the remaining months for a membership during the year.

Membership form